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Bram Couvreur & Bjrn De Vos are a design duo who dare to reach beyond the borders of the everyday.

Whether it's a question of lighting, champagne or designing an interior: they make sure form and function are in harmony every single time.

It is no easy task to sum up their style, although one thing is certain: their work is timelessly hip, far beyond passing fads and fashions.

Couvreur & Devos have already created a storm with designs they developed with Modular Lighting Instruments: both the revolutionary "Spock" and the no-nonsense "MO6" have turned into lighting classics.

Their 'toolbox' for Piper Heidsieck champagne is another contemporary icon, let alone the interiors they have developed for both private and professional clients.

For example, both the bathroom specialists Van Marcke & Mewaf and the lighting brand Modular have called on their talents to design interiors with a high creativity factor.

After all, "Plat Couvreur & Devos" is flavoured with a touch of nonchalance, spiced with a hearty dose of daring and finished with a dash of humour.

All brought together in their design studio in Roeselare, Belgium.